Map: Collected and Last Poems

Wislawa Szymborska

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Praise for Wislawa Szymborksa: Extremely smart, witty, and level-headed, [Szymborska] seduces us with her wide range of interests, her atypical lack of narcissism for a poet, and her cheerful pessimism. “New York Review of Books” Her poems offer a restorative wit as playful as it is steely and as humble as it is wise. Most poets jostle for center stage, but Szymborska looks on from afar, her wry acceptance of life s folly remaining her strongest weapon against tyranny and bad taste. “Los Angeles Times Book Review” Refreshingly direct but always surprising, her poems keep taking us to further, unexpected perspectives. “O, the Oprah Magazine” Dark, complex, and profoundly intelligent. “Washington Post” [She] captures the nightmarish contingency of human survival, and the human callousness toward nature, with an ironic elegance miraculously free of bitterness. “The New Yorker””

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